Dmitrij Bessalov Is Back! - Part 1

Date: 18-Apr-2017

He was so popular last time, that we had to ask photographer Steve France from MuscleSkin to team up again with Dmitrij Bessalov for another shoot!

Here is what they sent through!

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Photographer: Steve France | Facebook | Instagram
Model: Dmitrij Bessalov | Instagram






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Dmitrij is a handsome guy , magnificent muscular body, great arms, shoulders and chest , incredible abs . fantastic back and very nice arse and a great package .
I would be very happy to have Dmitrij call and stay a while.

posted by gardenguy on 18-Apr-2017 15:06


Great bod. A smile would be nice but then he is Russian.

posted by gd on 18-Apr-2017 16:12

Der Junge scheint ja nur aus Muskeln,Haut und Knochen zu bestehen aber das in wunderbaren Proportionen.Dazu dieses-leider sehr ernste aber-hübsche Gesicht .
Insgesamt sehr schöne Aufnahmen.Gratulation auch für den Fotografen-Wäre gern an seiner Stelle so nah bei Dimitrij gewesen,um ihn zu umarmen.

posted by hopemen on 18-Apr-2017 18:52

Do not be fooled by the hard Russian model look. It's the look I asked for and Dmitrij being the intelligent model he, is delivered what wanted for this shoot. In the flesh, Dmitrij is one of the nicest guys i have ever photographed. A genuine, unselfish young man who i'm happy to say is also a good friend.

posted by stevefrance on 19-Apr-2017 9:48

Mmmmmm,what a handsome sexy HUNK of a guy Dimitrij is,nice to see him back here again,gorgeous muscular body,nice abs,nice arse & a VERY nice package,mmmmm,love the white undies,VERY nice indeed,dimitrij's more than welcome to call round & share my bed anytime,what a HUNK!

posted by Beefy on 19-Apr-2017 22:24



posted by muzzad on 20-Apr-2017 18:57


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