DNA with Brent Corrigan Down Under

Date: 1-Mar-2017

DNA’s Troy Murphy sat down for dinner with adult film star Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan on his Australian visit to chat life, porn and his new man.

DNA: Tell us about your new show ‘Ultra Fan’ that you direct and star in for Falcon studios.

Brent: Ultra Fan is about a fictitious Brent Corrigan who is held captive by an ultra fan during a live cam show and is required to perform a series of actions that inadvertently open up his mind, body and spirit to being the best performer that he can be.

DNA: Has this opened up your mind?

Brent: No, not in anyway (laughs).

DNA: Let's talk about your love life. You’re dating fellow Falcon adult film star JJ Knight. How did you meet?

Brent: We met in Beijing about three years ago at a meet and greet, I remember meeting him because he is really tall.

Although nothing else really stuck with me from that meeting, it wasn’t until three years later when we met on set, when I was warned that he (JJ Knight) was “BIG”, “he’s got a big one” and all the many ways you can say he’s got a big dick by the director.

(Laughing) When you have to tell Brent Corrigan that a guy's got a big dick and to be concerned, I freak out! My second scene of porn ever was a DP, (double penetration) I’m not bragging, I am just saying I can handle a big dick!

But it was the second that I planted my lips on his mouth … I haven’t felt that ever in porn and ever in anything. It was electrifying, it was everything that they say about love, it was love at first sight, it was chemistry that you can’t find words to explain.

DNA: I can see that you are both head-over-heals in love, I don’t want to cheapen what you have just said, however, is it easier for an adult film star to date another?

Brent: No, I’ve dated maybe two, one doesn’t count cause he was an asshole.

DNA: Do you want that published (laughs)?

Brent: (Laughs) I do, his name was Nick Capra, he was a dick! He had a beautiful cock, but he was a dick. He said the same thing about my hole, I don’t care. You know the thing is at the end of the day you think that someone who does what you do (porn) would understand you, they don’t. You still have to find that personal connection, you still have to find the things that make the two of you fit together like puzzle pieces.

DNA: You are in Australia for the Babylon party search for an ‘Ultra Fan’ competition grand final tonight at the Shift Bar. The winner has the opportunity to fly to the USA and star in a Falcon movie, you have seen the models, do you have a favourite?

Brent: We’re not allowed to have favourites, but I’d take home every single one of them together, unfortunately, there still has to be room for JJ in bed (laughs) and I don’t know if there is enough hole to go around, like there is a lot, but shit … I'm just making this filthy…

You know what, here is what I have, I know what Falcon wants and I am prepared to serve and there are at least two of them tomorrow, however saying that I know who I'd cast for my own production company.

Either way, I’d at least ride all of their dicks!

The grand final of the Ultra Fan Model Search is tonight 11 pm at the Midnight Shift with Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight along with Sister Roma as special guest judges.

Sponsored by: DNA, Swiss Navy Lube, NakedSword Originals and Falcon Studios,


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Great interview!

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