Anton Hayat by Stanly Vo - Part 1

Date: 19-Mar-2017

If you love beards, bulges and biceps then model Anton is for you! The sexy hunk joins us thanks to the amazing photography talent of Stanly Vo.

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Photographer: Stanly Vo  | Instagram
Model: Anton Hayat | Instagram





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3 comments, 10407 views, last reply:25-Mar-2017 1:07


Near perfect...

posted by radar69 on 19-Mar-2017 11:03

Really handsome, hot body, nice poses but the eyebrows may be a bit too perfectly plucked!

posted by alaimo on 21-Mar-2017 14:25

Mmmmmm,what a HUNK Stanly is,handsome & sexy,gorgeous body,the bottom pic gets my full attention,mmmmm,Stanly is more than welcome to share my bed anytime,what a HUNK!

posted by Beefy on 25-Mar-2017 1:07


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