Taylor Ring By Robert A. Rice - Part 1

Date: 17-Mar-2017

27-year-old Colorado native Taylor Ring joins us on the DNA website in this two-part series thanks to photographer Robert A. Rice.

DNA had a chat with Taylor about life and keeping his body fit:

“Staying active is easy in Colorado, I love trail running, mountain biking, and camping during the warmer months.” He continued, “I also enjoy art, all forms, from print to music. Good beer and food is also important to me, it's like art. I love my friends and family. I've lived a lot of places so far in life and the bonds we make along the way, I've found, are priceless.”

DNA asked him about his tattoos:

“I love them! Why not decorate the walls, and all mine do have a meaning.”

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Model: Taylor Ring | Instagram





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5 comments, 11940 views, last reply:22-Mar-2017 14:03


Taylor is Amazing. A beauty to behold!! Thank you for your awesome work Robert!

posted by John654321 on 17-Mar-2017 8:04

He looks hot and I don't mind Tattoos (I have 9 and still have my eye on one more). BUT I don't like the big chest one. Just my thoughts.

posted by Ellerwind on 21-Mar-2017 17:24

Sorry if my comments are harsh, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Such a beautiful man, too beautiful to be inked with tattoos.

posted by christopher8000 on 22-Mar-2017 7:30


I agree.Ink is not sexy at all.

posted by Cheekyone on 22-Mar-2017 12:40

Thr tattoos are okay. Pity about the model

posted by Bundu on 22-Mar-2017 14:03

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