The Whirlwind That Is Winsly

Date: 15-Mar-2017

Winsly is a former United States Marine (phooah), and has packed on some serious government-issue muscle.

Now that he’s in civilian life, he trains daily (sometimes multiple times a day) to stay photo-shoot ready, and is very in-tune with his body.

Chatting with photographer Brian Huey about working with Winsly he told DNA:

“There were a couple of shots that we worked on for nearly 30 minutes, just tweaking the positions here or there. We would take a few shots and review on the computer and he’d say, ‘I like this, but my abs should have been tighter here.’ Then, we’d do it again. Because we had discussed ahead of time, he knew what I wanted in the shoot and he wanted to make sure he delivered for me.  Super great work ethic!”

It works for us!

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Photographer: Brian Huey | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Model: Winsly Leonce | Website.






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posted by chris1 on 15-Mar-2017 10:30

As an American, i appreciate your service & sacrifice for your country in the USMC. I was a corpsman in the US Navy (back in the 70s), so we have that connection. I wish you much Love & Light. And keep up your regimen, Winsly, you're looking good. kK

posted on 16-Mar-2017 16:51

Endlich mal ein Farbiger-und was für ein schöner durchtranierter Mann !

posted by hopemen on 18-Mar-2017 0:54

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