Mr Big - Part 1

Date: 14-Mar-2017

Words can not describe the size of the sex appeal of The Facklemeyer.

So we will let the pictures do their own talking in this three part series.

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Photographer: Mattheus Lian | Instagram
Model: The Facklemeyer | Instagram





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7 comments, 7701 views, last reply:20-Mar-2017 10:58


Unless you see the real deal it's nothing more than a prop.

posted by DJ08 on 14-Mar-2017 11:02

Nothing finer than a well hung man...and a sweet ass to eat

posted by domtoppapi on 14-Mar-2017 23:25


It doesn't look like a prop in the white CKs, DJ08!

posted by ozeeguy on 16-Mar-2017 12:39

Oh it's not a prop!

posted by jimmytman on 16-Mar-2017 15:04

Thanx, Jimmy! kK

posted on 16-Mar-2017 18:48

The model is fetching and compelling in SOME of the shots, yes but we all know which ones, and some of us would be inclined to admit that in the other pictures, he's muscular, yes, but lacking the scintillating charisma that the best of your models have. I'm trying to be "upfront" about this ouch.

posted by TOMMYKINS on 18-Mar-2017 6:16

i've been following "fack" for a long time...if he asked me to drink a broken glass smoothie in exchange for one night with him, i'd do it.

posted by shirley! on 20-Mar-2017 10:58


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