The KING Is Back! - Part 3 (NSFW-ish)

Date: 14-Mar-2017

One of our favourite online and print models, David Mcintosh is back thanks to the keen eye of photographer Mattheus Lian.

Set on the rooftop, David shows off his favourite underwear and most importantly a lack of underwear in this stunning three-part series.

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Photographer: Mattheus Lian | Instagram
Model: David Mcintosh | Instagram






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5 comments, 12136 views, last reply:15-Mar-2017 20:32


Got to love that beautiful edible fuckable man ass...

posted by domtoppapi on 14-Mar-2017 12:22


Way too much ink. Feh.

posted by DaveBowman on 14-Mar-2017 13:00

Overdone with the ink. I am not a fan of ink and I don't understand why gorgeous men ruin their bodies with a myriad of tattoos. Just one or two is better than going overboard like this.

posted by ozeeguy on 14-Mar-2017 16:48

Ticks all the boxes for me ... muscles (tick), beard (tick), ink (tick). What's not to like about this handsome man ... ;-P

posted by SteveOfPerth on 15-Mar-2017 11:43

Thanks, David ~ you're beautiful to look at! kK

posted on 15-Mar-2017 20:32

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