Alfonso And The Wet T-Shirt - Part 1

Date: 17-Feb-2017

Meet Alfonso Ballestas, the Maracaibo born model who has lived and travelled around the world including the USA where he told DNA that he:

“could openly express my sexuality and go to the first gay club (Pulse nightclub).”

The sports enthusiast moved to Sydney in 2015 and since then:

“The ocean has become my home and I have met amazing people from all around the world.”

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Photographer: Andrew Stubbersfield Photography | Instagram
Model: Alfonso Ballestas | Instagram.







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8 comments, 13224 views, last reply:22-Feb-2017 0:19


very nice

posted by chris1 on 17-Feb-2017 7:09

He sure knows that the sexiest part of any man is his smile, and his sure lights up with joy, along with beautiful eyes and a healthy body he takes great pride in, your smile will take you a long way

posted by jimbograf on 17-Feb-2017 7:18

I agree with jombograf. That smile makes him look even better, and he looked pretty good before.

posted by arkelk on 17-Feb-2017 8:10

I love it when a man smiles. He's amazingly good looking and extremely sexy but that smile is everything. I wish more photographers would encourage their models to smile. "Sexy brooding" is overrated.

posted by TheDoctor1983 on 17-Feb-2017 9:51

his smile makes him totally HOT and SEXY

posted by chris1 on 17-Feb-2017 13:44

Alfonso is definitely HOT, just my type. His nips look different in the last pic, very plump, than in the first 2. Is suction enhancement a thing? 'Cause i like 'em in the first 2 better.

posted on 17-Feb-2017 15:37

Alfonso is a beautiful man, wonderful smile and a great lean muscle athletic body. I love his hairy chest Alfonso is very HOT . The wet t Shirt pic is very good shows his great chest and abs and a very nice package , He would a welcome guest anytime at my place .

posted by gardenguy on 17-Feb-2017 23:23


Totally agree with all the above comments from the guys,what a handsome sexy hunk of a guy Alfonso is,gorgeous body,great smile,nice package,mmmmm,the bottom pic gets my full attention,alfonso would be more than welcome to share my bed anytime,VERY sexy guy!

posted by Beefy on 22-Feb-2017 0:19


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