Prince Charming Himself

Date: 15-Jan-2017

It is Since Charming himself as photographed by the talented Carlos Trey Salazar.

With just the just the right amount of muscle and body fur model, DW Chase will become a DNA favourite in this two part series!

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Photographer: Carlos Trey Salazar | Instagram.
Model: DW Chase | Instagram.





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6 comments, 8912 views, last reply:21-Jan-2017 16:41


Great to see DW back again - and to see he hasn't given up his furry look...

posted by radar69 on 15-Jan-2017 10:21

Love his tight muscle lean bod. Less hair be even better. Sexy none the less Fuckable

posted by domtoppapi on 17-Jan-2017 12:19


Hot furry chest! woof

posted by Carl_Isle on 17-Jan-2017 13:09

Crown him, crown him, I'd kneel before him anytime.

posted by christopher8000 on 17-Jan-2017 13:43


sehr schöner muskulöser Körper-für meinen Geschmack aber zu haarig !

posted by hopemen on 17-Jan-2017 20:06

I agree with radar , I always love to see more of DW, a sexy looking guy and I love his hairy chest and abs , great lean muscled furry body hope he continues to BAN the Razor and WAX . DW is a very HOT MAN .

posted by gardenguy on 21-Jan-2017 16:41


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