Christopher Côté by Kevin Slack - Part 2

Date: 25-Sep-2016

Photographer Kevin Slack shoots Christopher Côté in Quebec, Quebec. Chris wears Jockeys, Modus Vivendi, and Fucklamode.

This stunning ‘at home’ style shoot expresses the relaxed personality and nature of the beautiful model who was ore the happy to share his fine physique with the camera.

This is not the first time we have featured Chris on the DNA website, you can see his previous shoots here, here, here and here.

Marking his fifth time on the website, Do you think we should put him in print?

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Photographer: Kevin Slack | Website | Facebook | Instagram.
Model: Christopher Côté | Facebook | Instagram.
Photography Assistant:  Marlon Solomon.








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8 comments, 11574 views, last reply:4-Oct-2016 9:24


Mmmmmm,loving the 2nd part of Christopher,what a sexy HUNK of a guy he is,handsome with such a gorgeous body,nice selection of pics especially large pics 2 & 3 plus pic 5 as well,looks like he's got a nice arse in that pic from what i can see,mmmmm,love to see a lot more of Christopher please DNA,he would be more than welcome to share my bed anytime,love to wake up next to him every morning in bed,mmmmmm,cheers DNA for giving us guys another gorgeous sexy HUNK to drool over,mmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 25-Sep-2016 1:32


i agree with everything beefy said.

posted on 25-Sep-2016 16:32

Definitely cover model!!

posted by ozeeguy on 27-Sep-2016 16:21

Hot sexy fuckable man...yessss

posted by domtoppapi on 27-Sep-2016 20:08


Christopher is HOT! His dark eyes, wavy hair, full mouth, and hot body make for a package that all of us want to devour!

posted by alaimo on 27-Sep-2016 22:18

Definitely PRINT material. Gorgeous man in every way.

posted by vpmc1941 on 28-Sep-2016 5:43

Yea, he has it all! (I would like to see his partner bet he's a hunk, too!)

posted by pscheck2 on 28-Sep-2016 11:13

i've been an admirer of chris' for some time now... he's really coming into his own these days. yay team canada!

posted by shirley! on 4-Oct-2016 9:24


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