Smoking Hot

Date: 30-Jul-2016

We don’t like to promote or endorse smoking … cause it’s gross and bad for your health. But when used artistically in a photo shoot like this, we can look past that for a moment.

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Photographer: Renato Gama
Model: Vinicius Grazel  
Styling: Luiz Eduardo Petrone









3 comments, 4570 views, last reply:3-Aug-2016 4:43


Yep! Smoking is a total turn off no matter how hot the guy is! Thumbs down to smoking!

posted by IAmHotMale on 30-Jul-2016 12:45

Thumbs up! Vinicius, with those unbutton jeans exposed a little pubic with a Hot torso.

posted by Marvynos on 1-Aug-2016 22:10

The men on DNA are all about fantasy. Smoking = fantasy destroyed.

posted by joecdn on 3-Aug-2016 4:43


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