Date: 29-Jul-2016

Photographer Lionel Andre has sent us this unique photoshoot of hunt model Tony Model Fr along with his two brothers Jérémy and Matthieu.

The photo set is called ‘Brothers’ for obvious reason, wand we are told there will be more from this shoot to come.

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Photographer: Lionel André.
Model: Tony Model Fr.











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ils sont top mignon tous les 3 !!!!enfin trop beau je leurs ferait bien pleins de papouilles et des léchouilles partout partout !!!!!!

posted by winner17 on 29-Jul-2016 15:08

I'm hoping whatever winner17 has said is something the look of these 3 boys, the one without the ink would be my fav - love the butt photo...look forward to seeing more

posted by radar69 on 30-Jul-2016 5:16

I want to have the non-inked one. Gorgeous.

posted by jurgen_denys on 1-Aug-2016 21:57

Ooh! they're butt cheeks looks identical.. Cup cakes!

posted by Marvynos on 1-Aug-2016 22:42

What a lucky PHOTOGRAPHER who did this photo shoot. lol

posted by sexyboy143oman on 2-Aug-2016 18:41


Mmmmmmm,what Hunks these 3 guys are,handsome & VERY sexy to,love the pic with them showing their arse's off,mmmmmm,VERY nice indeed,all 3 look VERY inviting,would love to top for all 3 guys,nice selection of pics DNA,let's see a lot more please,would love to find all 3 hunks hiding in my bed anytime,love the 2nd to last pic a lot,mmmmm,those tighty whitie's,yummmmm!

posted by Beefy on 2-Aug-2016 22:24


Love that he has no tattoos!!!

posted by boytroy on 2-Aug-2016 22:32

They are all so hot. I'd sell an organ to get 3-D shots of them. Some photographer needs to get one of those whole body scanners and give us the ultimate thrill.

posted by Snerdguy on 3-Aug-2016 1:13

Tolle Burschen- alle drei -aber am schönsten ist der ohne Kriegsbemalung !

posted by hopemen on 3-Aug-2016 17:04

3 hot guys all in the one family, what are the odds, they all look great ??????

posted by Aussie80 on 21-Aug-2016 0:06


Great looking brothers but I too prefer the guy with no ink.

posted by Easyem38 on 15-Dec-2016 0:49

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