Nick with the giant … Muscles!

Date: 31-Mar-2016

This is the first model shoot Nick has featured in, and we think he’s a natural!

Nick is a Fitness and Health Promotion college graduate and an aspiring fitness model in Ottawa, Canada.

He's a beast in the gym, and a softie at home.  He likes cooking, reading and hiking.  

Nick's on deck to compete in his first Ontario Physique Association's competition this year.  

Good news photographer Tim who is a self confessed boring public servant by day, and an aspiring fitness photographer and portrait artist by night, assures us that we’ll be seeing more of Nick REAL SOON!

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Model: Nick Dorion.
Photographer: Tim Campbell.












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What can i say,do like the look of Nick a lot,handsome,love his muscled physique,huge fan of muscle guys,i'm muscly myself so attracted to the same,love to have a workout with nick anyday,not just in the gym either,know what i mean guys,hehehehe! Hope we get to see a lot more of this guy very soon please DNA!

posted by Beefy on 31-Mar-2016 2:18


Love the nipple piercing, the tattoo and the Calvins. He is hot!

posted by IAmHotMale on 31-Mar-2016 3:21

In agreement with the first two comments.
Well said guys

posted by Gr~-29 on 31-Mar-2016 16:33

Ein toller Kerl-so muskulös und so anziehend freundlich blickend ! Da verzeihe ich ihm ausnahmsweise auch das Piercing;auf sowas stehe ich nicht.
Mehr von ihm wäre schön !

posted by hopemen on 31-Mar-2016 19:47

I agree with the first two commenters. Not much else to say. Like the nipple piercing, just had to reinforce that, and the muscles.
Got more photos? If not, GET SOME DNA. !

posted by nakedpablo184 on 1-Apr-2016 2:06


Oh! I would like too seen the full package:) The shape of his legs.

posted by Marvynos on 1-Apr-2016 5:01

totally gorgeous. i wonder if he's been shaven? hmmmm... some fur, no matter how little would be H O T.

posted by shirley! on 1-Apr-2016 6:48


Delicious! Just delicious!

posted by mbwisper on 1-Apr-2016 7:28

Nick is a wonderful addition to the Blog. He is a handsome guy and has a beautiful muscular body , like Beefy i would like to have a workout with Nick what a very HOT guy and I also agree with shirleyl some fur would be extra HOT on Nick . I would love to see more of Nick .

posted by gardenguy on 2-Apr-2016 16:35


He's gorgeous.

posted by tonlad on 3-Apr-2016 1:47

totally gorgeous a very handsome love nipple piercing looking forward to seeing more of Nick

posted by chris1 on 3-Apr-2016 11:14

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