It’s all about the butt

Date: 27-Mar-2016

Venezuelan actor and model Kelvis Viera teams up with photographer Angel Ruiz for this bubble butt envy photo shoot.

Shot in timeless sepia, the subject is sexy while the series is artistic as we get to admire Kelvis in all his glory.

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Model: Kelvis Viera.
Photographer: Angel Ruiz.















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Kelvis is a handsome guy, love his butt - particularly the 2nd photo

posted by radar69 on 27-Mar-2016 10:10

sublime, portrait of the male form with a cute bum to match.

posted by sexydude03 on 28-Mar-2016 20:37

Being a top I love a cute man with a nice firm ass...and this fellow is fine...Papi approves..

posted by domtoppapi on 29-Mar-2016 21:57


Good Morning or Bruno dios

posted by Marvynos on 30-Mar-2016 3:21

What a beautiful butt. Something to be glorified for its beauty. One thing I think is such a pity is that in most of the shoot he still has his jocks on. YES it was a good tease but why cover such a piece of manhood to be desired!.

posted by hotwheels on 30-Mar-2016 10:42

Agree with all the comments above especially the one off domtoppappi,do love a guy with a nice firm arse,kelvis sure does have that,agree with comment off Hotwheel,could have done without the Jocks on,would have been even more sexier & erotic,love to see his manhood,mmmmmm,the pics though very artistically taken!

posted by Beefy on 31-Mar-2016 2:37


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