Chris the hung - part 2

Date: 26-Mar-2016

Damn! What do you feed that thing? We had to double check to see if there was any photoshop trickery going on with these pics.

As far as we can tell Chris is all natural and a very very lucky man!

Oh an what a great looking model too!

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Model: Chris
Photographer: James William.











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wow, i can barely look at this guy...he's really hot.

posted by jjgraham on 26-Mar-2016 7:21

Chris the hung and look at that arse.

posted on 26-Mar-2016 8:31

Chris wears pink well

Another find for DNA

posted by Gr~-29 on 26-Mar-2016 9:13

Check out the link to James William for more of Chris D
and other chaps

posted by Gr~-29 on 26-Mar-2016 9:20

thanks for that link, some great photo shoots.

posted on 26-Mar-2016 9:36

Chris is a great looking guy , beautiful muscular body , great chest nice nipples and very nice arse , looks like a very nice package . I would be very happy to join Chris in the shower and wash everywhere for him .

posted by gardenguy on 28-Mar-2016 0:21


Mmmmmmmm,what can i say,thought part 1 was good but after seeing part 2 well worth the wait,Chris is such a HUNK,that body,mmmmmmm,YUM! Good selection of pics there DNA,especially the last one,mmmmmm,got instant hardon after seeing these pics,what a package chris has,he's been well blessed,more of this sexy hunk please DNA,well worth Jacking off over this guy,several times,mmmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 29-Mar-2016 11:38


Chris is stunning

posted by chris1 on 19-Nov-2016 17:39

Oh ja,ein toller Kerl. Möchte gern mit Ihm unter die Dusche gehen !

posted by hopemen on 13-Jan-2017 0:58

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