Chris the hung - part 1

Date: 25-Mar-2016

Damn! What do you feed that thing? We had to double check to see if there was any photoshop trickery going on with these pics.

As far as we can tell Chris is all natural and a very very lucky man!

This is only part one of the photo series. Wait until you see part two tomorrow! ;)

oh an what a great looking model too!

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Model: Chris
Photographer: James William.








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Woah! Definitely ALL MAN. Sword swallowing time lol

posted by jjgraham on 25-Mar-2016 3:59

YUMMY! In those Black, Andrew Christians....

posted by Marvynos on 25-Mar-2016 6:44

natural and hung. very nice indeed.

posted on 25-Mar-2016 8:49

love those undies...and the guy in em too. ;-)

posted by jrw_ninja on 25-Mar-2016 9:31

I reckon anyone on the receiving end of what Chris has would consider themselves lucky too (lucky to survive it perhaps, but lucky either way)

posted by radar69 on 25-Mar-2016 9:54

Holy Fuck,how big is that? What can i say DNA,your serving up some VERY SEXY HUNKS for us guys & what a HUNK we have here,wow,chris is SMOKING HOT,he looks SO dam sexy in those Andrew Christian's,mmmmmm,can't believe how hung he is,gave me such a hardon,can't wait for part 2,mmmmmmm,just one word to describe chris.....YUMMY!

posted by Beefy on 25-Mar-2016 11:00


OMG! No hiding THAT one! Not full frontal?..MUCH! LOL!

posted on 25-Mar-2016 19:44

And here's the 8th comment

Certainly worth waiting to see this Chris- so appropriately titled too!
I would dearly love to be on DNA's panel/team that is responsible for selecting the models for the BLOG.
Any vacancies?
Imagine, you guys, searching through all the entries for the 2 or 3 for each day. . .
As Beefy says 'mmmmmmmmmmm'

posted by Gr~-29 on 26-Mar-2016 9:11

Chris you are very well hung

posted by chris1 on 19-Nov-2016 17:42

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