Jake photographs Stuart

Photographer Jake O’Donnell has shared his photoshoot of 22-year-old Aussie model Stuart Clarke.

He shared the experience with us.

“Recently I had the gorgeous Stuart Clarke over for his very first photoshoot, he took a leap out of his comfort zone and it went incredibly well.

“I know that Stuart loves to travel and explore amazing locations all over the world so I decided to incorporate this into the shoot so that he would feel more comfortable and really shine in his element with some stunning scenery.

“Thus, we started the shoot with a warm up with some physique stuff in my studio before we went on a bit of a road trip together down the local peninsula to explore the back beaches along the Melbourne coast line.

“We ended up in Blairgowrie near the famed jumping rock, where hot guys can always be seen leaping down a ten metre drop into the rock pool below in the Summer. We climbed and adventured together around giant crumbling cliffs with massive rock platforms, huge, soaring waves and beautiful fields of beach grasses which rustled in the wind.

“We started very casually, just having stuart open his shirt, before eventually I had him strip off into some swimwear so we could climb down the cliffs to the sand and walk along the water's edge while the sun was setting.

“It was great watching Stuart's confidence grow across the shoot and I can't wait to work with him again!

Thank’s for that Jake! We hope to see more of your work and hear your amazing stories again soon on the DNA website.

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Model: Stuart Clarke
Photographer: Jake O'Donnell Photography.











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Stuart is very impressive...handsome face, fantastic body, and he loves the camera.

posted by joecdn on 25-Mar-2016 3:57


Beautiful face those sexy lips sensual eyes on Amazing torso... Mmmm those yummy nipples.

posted by Marvynos on 25-Mar-2016 6:59

I'm looking at this hottie like, "I know you!" then realise his one of my clients SON'S!!!! Oh GOD! I knew he'd be bloody perfect under there! Now I'm never going to know where to look! YOWZERS!!!

posted by AskZach on 25-Mar-2016 8:27


Awesome chest, his nips really demand your attention....

posted by radar69 on 25-Mar-2016 10:03

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