Insta-Studs: Jack and Ben

Something different for todays Insta-Stud, we’re checking out gay couple Jack and Ben!

After being together for 2 years, and living through the trials and tribulations of gay life, the couple have decided to start a YouTube channel that covers gay and interracial topics.

Currently, their videos are being edited and put together in post production, but their presence on Instagram is growing dramatically, with 7500+ followers within 4 weeks and thousands of likes and comments.

The launch of their videos are expected to be released around end of March. We can’t WAIT to see them!



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Looks like it'd be a fun time with these two around...

posted by radar69 on 21-Mar-2016 8:58

Gorgeous smiles in the dog photo.
Beautiful bodies, but a smidge tame

posted by Gr~-29 on 21-Mar-2016 16:40

What a cute couple they look so cute together

posted by robcampell on 21-Mar-2016 21:43

A good looking couple with an obvious sense of humour.

posted by pjt3253 on 23-Mar-2016 12:39

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