Bruno Tarchetti by Leo Castro

Date: 20-Mar-2016

Check out Brazilian body builder Bruno!

With his HUGE body, bearish good looks and all that sexy body hair! You’ll need a moment to yourself after checking out all these pics!

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Model: Bruno Tarchetti.
Photographer: Leo Castro.












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All MAN...even has a great smile too

posted by radar69 on 20-Mar-2016 9:36

Holy cryp, DNA, you really are catering after my own heart lately. Dammit.

posted by TheDoctor1983 on 20-Mar-2016 10:57

Mmmmm! oh, yeah! He'd keep you warm at night ;-). And I bet his cleanshaven face is a knockout as well.

posted by triggerakl on 20-Mar-2016 11:53

What a Magnificent HUNK , I agree with radar Bruno is ALL MAN. Beautiful smile and sexy eyes , magnificent muscular body ,great hairy chest and abs . Bruno is a excellent addition to my HHH list , I would love to wash Bruno in the shower and then dry him all over .

posted by gardenguy on 20-Mar-2016 13:05


I was thinking of rolling with him in the shallows at the beach, then showering with him to get rid of the salt water.
What a bear hug he'd give.

posted by Gr~-29 on 20-Mar-2016 19:15

Mmmmmmm,Good to see Bruno back again doing another shoot,he's one VERY SEXY HUNK,great muscular physique,that chest air,wow,agree with Gr-~29's comments above,would love to receive a big bear hug off bruno,mmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 22-Mar-2016 6:11


What a great looking man. I love his body hair and the fact that he knows how to smile. I agree you can see he is very handsome under that beard.

posted by pjt3253 on 23-Mar-2016 12:42

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