Not so tiny Tony

Date: 19-Mar-2016

Fitness model Tony Gracci, teams up with for a well packed underwear shoot.

Tony certainly has what it takes to fill out those large sized underwear, with not much room to spare!

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Model: Tony Gracci.








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wow, not tiny is right...yum

posted by jjgraham on 19-Mar-2016 2:09

Mmmmmmm,Tony his filling out a nice good package there in those pics,yum,looking VERY SEXY indeed,nice body as well,more please DNA,mmmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 19-Mar-2016 4:36


Love to whip those undies off Tony & just see the FULL PACKAGE he's hiding,very teasing shots in some of those pics,i got such a hardon,mmmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 19-Mar-2016 4:43


Damn! His filling in those undies nice, snug & Overflowing with bulginess:)

posted by Marvynos on 19-Mar-2016 7:22

Especially the last 4 shots.
Tony, how do you do it?
Filling those jocks like you do. . .
I agree with the other replies - I feel just like Beefy does.
So often, he writes just what I'm thinking
We should get together, Beefy!!

posted by Gr~-29 on 19-Mar-2016 19:09

Not the most handsome of your models but definitely oozing with so much sex appeal. What a lean muscled body can do to enhance one's looks,so yummy to look at!!!!!

posted by guppymer62 on 22-Mar-2016 16:24

This is my vote!

A man with those Bette Davis eyes....Makes me, wet!

Sorry chaps. When you've got it?, Flaunt it! - elton john

posted by JCarter on 24-Mar-2016 18:48

Die Hose ganz herunter,bitte ! Ich möchte alles sehen.

posted by hopemen on 24-Mar-2016 20:07

Beautiful guy, but no facial happiness at all for this. Why the "nothing" model faces. We are emotion, let the models at least show some.

posted by John654321 on 25-Mar-2016 13:49

Fine looking guy

posted by tonlad on 3-Apr-2016 1:26

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