Gold Coast Cowboy

Date: 18-Mar-2016

Manscapes photographer John Bortolin has another hot Aussie beauty for us today on the DNA website.

John met model Patrick on the set of the No Frill Twins music video clip “Cyclic Cowboy”. The music video featured past Manscape models.

Patrick was bought along by a friend.

Meeting Johns camera, the chemistry was there and within a few months the pair created this stunning photoshoot.

Patrick is currently living at the Gold Coast where he attends university studying exercise science.

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Model: Patrick Atchison.
Photographer: John Bortolin.










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And how we like/love Patrick!
Yes and yes again
Well done DNA
You score yet again
Keep 'em coming

posted by Gr~-29 on 18-Mar-2016 0:10

Totally agree with Gr...

posted by radar69 on 18-Mar-2016 6:52

Patrick is quite an upstanding figure in every way. Yet another hot Australian guy.

posted on 18-Mar-2016 8:27

Yeah,totally agree with the above comments,DNA dishes up yet another HUNK for us gay guys,another sexy gorgeous hunky aussie by the name of Patrick,looking just amazing in those pics,love his physique,got hardon seeing these pics,one word to describe patrick...YUM!

posted by Beefy on 18-Mar-2016 8:35


Big and beefy. For me this the perfect man. Smooth, strong and beautifully proportioned. He is Man of the Year! More pics please! Please! He's my OMG man - 20/10.

posted by revboy on 18-Mar-2016 11:55

A Baby face with thighs of STEEL. That's what I'm talking about!

posted by Marvynos on 19-Mar-2016 7:48

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