Bearded and bulging with a bit of butt!

Date: 17-Mar-2016

Fitness model, Guillermo Angulo , teams up with photographer Antonio Alabamos for a bulge and butt shoot in the great outdoors.

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Model: Guillermo Angulo.
Photographer: Antonio Alabamos










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That is a nice butt! I wish I had that butt.

posted by IAmHotMale on 17-Mar-2016 5:37

solid body and a great arse/butt.

posted on 17-Mar-2016 9:38

Mmmmmmm,One word,YUMMY! That bulge & butt,mmmmmm,say no more!

posted by Beefy on 17-Mar-2016 9:51


Totally agree with maturetop's comment above!

posted by Beefy on 17-Mar-2016 9:56


The last photo of him reclining is my pick.
Lots of bulge visible

posted by Gr~-29 on 17-Mar-2016 17:41

Three of my favorite attributes... Beards, bulges & bubble butts.

posted by Marvynos on 19-Mar-2016 8:12

Gail is an incredibly beautiful and perfect man! He has it all in one package! He get's my vote for sure! No contest!

posted by SFLee on 21-Mar-2016 4:55

The most powerful magazine
Always with DNA Magazine

posted by GuilleAnguloGai on 7-Apr-2016 23:54

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