Sam - Part 2

Date: 13-Mar-2016

All American guy Sam Tindal joins us on the DNA website in this two part series. Shot by photographer Nic Romanoli, Sam has the body of a built football player and we are loving every inch of it!

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Model: Sam Tindal
Photographer: Nic Romanoli Photography.









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Such a TEASE! Part 2 is way better than Part 1! I love the crotch cleavage.

posted by IAmHotMale on 13-Mar-2016 4:32

Gotta agree with IAmHotMale's comment above,part 2 is deffo more better than part 1,mmmmmmmm,the second to last pic is the best one by far,wanna see the rest,sam is such a hunk,love every bit of his solid built physique,deffo my kinda guy,wonder if we'll be getting a part 3? Sam deffo gave me such a hardon looking at these pics of him,wanna see more please DNA,a lot more,mmmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 13-Mar-2016 4:45


Gotta love a guy who goes 'commando'...

posted by radar69 on 13-Mar-2016 8:30

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