Zac Efron works out on the set of Baywatch

Date: 11-Mar-2016

We’re all shivering in anticipation for up-coming Baywatch film that will star the hunk-a-licious Zac Efron.

Check him out working out on the set.








H/T: Cocktailsandcocktalk.

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no...normally I like to see Zac shirtless but not looking like this...

posted by radar69 on 11-Mar-2016 6:56

WOW! And yet I am baffled by comments by "gay men" that Zac or any man is too muscular, ripped or cut. I for one want to look at a MAN not boy barely out of puberty.

posted by DJ08 on 11-Mar-2016 7:32

LOVE him!!!

posted by AskZach on 11-Mar-2016 8:03


He's UGLY! Besides he looks 12 years old! YUCKY!

posted by IAmHotMale on 11-Mar-2016 9:28

well to a 66yo like me, zac looks magnificent.

posted on 11-Mar-2016 10:31

Zac looks sizzling HOT to me I would not send him away if he came knocking on my door . Magnificent muscular body , great chest and incredible abs love his hairy chest and abs . He does look a bit older in the face but it maybe the camera angle but he is still very welcome to call and stay a while . I agree with DJ08 I want to look at MEN not a boy just out of puberty .

posted by gardenguy on 11-Mar-2016 17:09


Who'd have thought Zac would look so ripped and so friggin' hot. Incredible handsome now with that killer body, he can be my lifesaver any day!

posted by revboy on 11-Mar-2016 22:02

That looks like a Sunga Ca Rio speedo briefs type suit he's wearing underneath the shorts in the last shot.

posted by rbghawaii on 12-Mar-2016 2:30

A sexy cutie that's turned into a hot hottie. Shame that I heard of a turd of a tv show is going to be turned into a turd of a movie.

posted by domtoppapi on 15-Mar-2016 19:00


I met him in person:) He's breath taking...

posted by Marvynos on 19-Mar-2016 7:59

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