Gianni Reyes by Adrián C. Martín

Date: 8-Mar-2016

Fitness model, Gianni Reyes, teams up with photographer Adrián C. Martín for a showstopping session shot on location in the Canary Islands featuring swimwear from Mr Turk.

See Gianni last time he was on the DNA website.

See Gianni in his tightie whities.

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Model: Gianni Reyes.
Photographer: Adrian C. Martin.









13 comments, 18089 views, last reply:11-Mar-2016 13:48


Nice !

posted by rbghawaii on 8-Mar-2016 2:15

Very smooth (first words that came to mind) - can imagine he has no pubes either

posted by radar69 on 8-Mar-2016 6:59

indeed nice smooth body & great hair. a smile would add to him i think.

posted on 8-Mar-2016 8:09

I wish he was my boy next door.

posted by revboy on 8-Mar-2016 11:37

i'm less concerned with his hair length than i am with his acute case of photous shoppitis!

come on, guys!

posted by shirley! on 8-Mar-2016 16:05


the distinctive black line against his body indicate that that all may be what is proposed. Be real guys.

posted by edho on 8-Mar-2016 18:07

oh yess

posted by sexydude03 on 8-Mar-2016 18:39

Yeah he looks great with longer hair but the shaved pits totally ruined it for me. And reading the other posts about the black line halo and the possibly being photoshopped. I agree - Keep it real guys, c'mon

posted by spunkynuts on 8-Mar-2016 19:52

hope so! Along with getting rid of those long beards perhaps :D

posted by Telstar on 8-Mar-2016 22:40

Long hair makes his face and body look long and very thin. I like them beefy with some body hair. Scruff beard & some muscle.

posted by nakedpablo184 on 9-Mar-2016 1:43


not at all. I dont like both

posted by rhinoonehorn on 9-Mar-2016 5:17


This babyboi is doable. Lean sexy muscle..smooth. Tite firm bod. Bet his cock is fine and his ass heaven...

posted by domtoppapi on 11-Mar-2016 9:00


I wish someone would teach him to smile... until then he just doesn´t do it for me.

posted by puffin on 11-Mar-2016 13:48


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