Car enthusiast Junior

Date: 28-Feb-2016

Meet new-comer to the modelling scene Junior, he a 26-year-old SINGLE!! Car enthusiast.

His body is huge in this shoot and as we sit here admiring his fine physic, we can only wonder what sort of cars he is into and how well can he drive a stick shift. ;)

Photographer Laercio Luz, is from Brazil. learning photography in California and Chicago. he moved back to Brazil to start this amazing experience in portrait male physique.

We’re LOVING his work!












Model: Junior Haikel
Photographer: Laercio Luz Photography.



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Junior does have a hot body - but DNA your grammar needs reviewing, who wrote the write up? What is physic (I guess it was supposed to be physique)?

posted by radar69 on 28-Feb-2016 16:02

Great looking man,too many photos of him in jeans.
Something briefer would be welcome and even see through too

posted by Gr~-29 on 28-Feb-2016 19:51

Handsome guy , beautiful body , great chest , arms and abs , shame he did not drop the towel. Junior is very Hot .

posted by gardenguy on 28-Feb-2016 23:52


Mmmmmmm,Junior is such a sexy hot guy,nice physique he has,must agree the same,too many pics of him in Jeans,deffo need more pics of him in briefs or Jocks,love to see his package,hope to see a lot more of this hunk,more underwear pics please DNA,mmmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 2-Mar-2016 8:53


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