The world of Tob - Part 1

Date: 25-Feb-2016

We think we are in LOVE with Thai movie actor and model Tob!

The actor who starred in the gay themed movie “The Bangkok Love Story” has recently become the brand ambassador NewUrbanMale underwear.

Looking body strong but adorably cute in those glasses what is not to like about Tob!

\We’ve also been supplied with 10 folders of photos featuring Tob, so there is a high chance you will be seeing a bit more of this hunk in the weeks to come.












Model: Tob
Photographer: Boon
Photos supplied by: NewUrbanMale.

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YAY!!!!!!!! Finally, a model who can smile!!!!!! And is seriously hot as well.

posted by rotley on 25-Feb-2016 7:29


Loved him in the movie and even more here. rotley was correct about models smiling. It usually makes Hot even Hotter to me!

posted by John654321 on 25-Feb-2016 20:53

Tall sexy lean beautiful Asian. Tob...want his knob. Papi likes

posted by domtoppapi on 26-Feb-2016 14:46


ein gut gebauter junger kerl,aber er hat zuviel an !

posted by hopemen on 27-Feb-2016 1:18

Beautiful movie but tragic ending. Tob is credited in the movie as Chaiwat Thongsang if anyone is confused about the name.

posted by dman9924 on 27-Feb-2016 2:26

Good looking man. Must be shy, he keeps the shorts on.

posted by christopher8000 on 28-Feb-2016 2:33


I'm usually not much into asians nor black (although I'm black myself...) but he is really really sexy hot lickable... lol... I certainly would not say no to a piece or two of that fine man !!! I find him even sexier with short hair :P

posted by sensolo on 29-Feb-2016 12:55

even hotter with short hair !!!

posted by sensolo on 29-Feb-2016 12:56

Well done. Full in agreement that he is HOT. AND does he have a smile. Dear Ed. Why cant you give us more of hunks like this that are all round models with CLASS. Ill have more photos like this anytime rather than those one that show us something that resembles " stunned mullet."

posted by hotwheels on 1-Mar-2016 21:09

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