Vilnius work out!

Date: 23-Feb-2016

We never tire of the delicious work out pics and videos from

Today they have treated us to the beautiful Ivan as he is pushed to his bodies limits in this jaw dropping work out.

Watch Ivan work out:











Model: Ivan
Photos supplied by: Fitcasting.


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Vilnius looks great with a terrific body. i especially love the pic in the red underpants.

posted on 23-Feb-2016 8:35

Mmmmmmm,Ivan is such a hunky guy,gorgeous body on him,looks SO sexy in those underwear,i got such an instant hardon looking at those pics plus watching the vid as well,mmmmmm,jizzed over him,mmmmmm,let's have more of this sexy guy please DNA!

posted by Beefy on 23-Feb-2016 12:56


Like all the pics of Ivan,do agree with maturetop,love the one with the red undies,mmmmmm,YUM!

posted by Beefy on 23-Feb-2016 13:01


my apologies Ivan indeed.

posted on 23-Feb-2016 13:50

He's a bit yummy. Not that he seems that hairy but nice for him to leave what little hit he has on his legs. But pits and grin shaved hmm perhaps not. But man what a nice pair of buns on that boy, I wouldn't mind getting between those thighs Woof!

posted by spunkynuts on 23-Feb-2016 22:29

Very nice body; I especially like his quads....would love to see him without undies, to get a better view of his cock and a view of his arse.

posted by leepers on 23-Feb-2016 22:59


Nature is unkind to most of us but generous in bestowing so much on Ian! That kid has it all. I wonder how he fares in the romance dept.?

posted by pscheck2 on 24-Feb-2016 5:01

Agree with leepers there,love to see Ivan without the undies,bet his cock's nice,mmmmmm,does have such a gorgeous body,love to see more of his arse as well,his pics plus that vid as well makes me SO hard,don't think i could concentrate on my workout if Ivan was working out just in those undies,i'd have a full hardon all way through the workout,mmmmmm!

posted by Beefy on 24-Feb-2016 6:55


Beautiful looking man. Great body and he hasn't neglected his legs. Love the pic in the red briefs.

posted by revboy on 24-Feb-2016 11:01

One smile and he would have made my day. Without it, I don´t find him the least bit interesting... Sorry!

posted by puffin on 24-Feb-2016 12:20


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