Aussie Footy player Cooper Black

Date: 17-Feb-2016

Footy player Cooper Black shot John Bortolin is featured today on the DNA website.

Starting in modelling we think Cooper has the makings to become a great physique model.

John is the photographer behind the photo book series Mascapes. His next book is set to raise money for mental health. After hearing about this, Cooper directly contacted John to be a part of his upcoming book.

Not only is he a good looking man Cooper is a nice guy too!

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Model: Cooper Black.
Photographer: John Bortolin.

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nice pics but who exactly does cooper play football for, i've never heard of him?

posted on 17-Feb-2016 9:02

Cooper's Facebook page says he plays Rubgy Union.

posted by EDITOR on 17-Feb-2016 9:24

Too cute and slim - especially neck - for rugby player
That's OK; he can be in my team

posted by Gr~-29 on 17-Feb-2016 23:57

I think they have his name wrong. There was a Cooper BLack who played AFL football who was killed in a car crash at the age of 16 last year. DNA should check if correct.

posted by ozeeguy on 18-Feb-2016 17:37

A smile wouldn't hurt

posted by gd on 19-Feb-2016 10:34


posted by whitetiger on 18-May-2016 2:26


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