DW Chase by Paul Boulon

Super hottie DW Chase returns to the DNA blog in an sexy shoot by Paul Boulon.

The shots were captured at the Safari Inn, Burbank, California.

He wears gear by Andrew Christian.

There's nothing we can say about DW that we haven't said before so we'll let the photos do the talking.

Check out more of DW on the DNA blog here.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by DW Chase






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DW looks great as always but someone should tell Andrew Christian the cut-outs and cage-like designs of the yellow and purple briefs are hideous. If you're going to show half of your c***, why would you wear underwear at all?

posted by jjones71 on 30-Sep-2014 15:59


Very nice. My favorite pic is the one where DW is holding the

posted by leepers on 30-Sep-2014 19:52


Good to see DW back again - have to agree with jjones that some of the briefs are hideous...

posted by radar69 on 30-Sep-2014 19:54

Hot-damn! What a total hottie and you're right JJ, he needs to ditch the AC undies.

posted by buffguy on 30-Sep-2014 22:53

Thanks DW and DNA for more HOT pics of DW , he is a very HOT guy , handsome man , beautiful lean muscled body , great chest and abs , I love his hairy chest and abs I hope he never shaves his body hair , he is extremely HOT with it . I love all the pics but the first 3 larger pics would be my favourites .DW is welcome anytime and can stay as long as he wants .

posted by gardenguy on 30-Sep-2014 23:29


OMG!!!! HE'S FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!! Yes the pics need to be larger and more of them and lose the shorts and marry me!

posted by claremont on 1-Oct-2014 3:10

he needs to get thrown in the pool to be a wet sexy dog

posted by ked999 on 1-Oct-2014 7:15

I could never, get a enough of DW.... Watching him hang around that pool in those black mesh short's.. They would to put me in a restraint.

posted by lickerish on 3-Oct-2014 7:06

Good news guys. It looks like there will be more of DW on the DNA blog over the weekend. Watch this space...

posted by DNAOnlineGuy on 3-Oct-2014 13:06


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