Beau Ryan Goes Naked On Footy Show

Date: 20-Jun-2014

NRL superstar Beau Ryan appeared naked on The Footy Show last night.

The 29-year-old said he would host the Footy Show naked if New South Wales won the State of Origin Series this year.

He was true to his promise and went butt naked on live television.

If you're logged in to Facebook you should be able to see some footage of the show below.

Also see the cheeky message Channel Nine aired before the start of the program.



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Beautiful Beau - nice arse, sexy smile....good to know he'll honour whatever bold statements he makes...

posted by radar69 on 20-Jun-2014 20:37

I agree with radar - Beau has a magnificent body , nice arse and sexy smile , he is a very HOT guy , he should do the show all the time shirtless he certainly is very easy on the eyes .

posted by gardenguy on 21-Jun-2014 16:46


Pity Beau's hiding the REAL trophy behind the metal one! I'm American and am not familiar with him, but I agree with the previous posters, he's one hot piece of man-meat!

posted by waytoogay on 16-Jul-2014 7:32

Also, notice in the group pic, only the WOMAN has her gaze averted...maybe she doesn't like the look of a nude hunk!

posted by waytoogay on 16-Jul-2014 7:34

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