Rory Woods by James Alan Smith

Photographer James Alan Smith has sent us some shots of a seriously sexy guy.

What do you think of Rory Woods?

James is a photographer from Portland, Orgegon, who depicts the physicality and personality of men in sexy and fun ways.

He tells us that his images explore the interplay of light and shadow on the male form. His style is clean and minimalistic, focusing on physique and de-emphasising clothing. He spotlights the masculine beauty of his models and attempts to capture their true image!

His portfolio includes portrait, athletic, underwear, physique and artistic nude work!

Check out his previous DNA feature here.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by James Alan Smith.

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a bit trashy but gotta love that big member he has!

posted by beautylover2014 on 5-Feb-2014 7:29

and the top 2 snaps also show another of Rory's fine a(r)s (e)s-ets...

posted by radar69 on 5-Feb-2014 7:52

Yeah, I remember seeing a shoot of Rory on the premium blog. He's a very nice looking young guy with a great face like his crew cut. And his tattoos definitely work for his look.

posted by gpgraph1 on 5-Feb-2014 10:53

i think that he a sexy young guy and looks good

posted by carmsboy54 on 6-Feb-2014 18:24

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