Mate of the Year 2013 - Nikos Agrios

A huge congratulations to Nikos Agrios who you guys voted as our Mate of the Year for 2013.

It was undoubtedly the toughest round of the year but an incredible 32% of the vote went to Nikos.

He was the underdog going into the competition and was up against some other blog favourites including Kirill Dowidoff and Serge Henir.

We're celebrating his win by checking out some of our favourite snaps by Simon Le.

Well done to all our finalists and thanks to everyone who voted.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Simon Le.

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Not my #1 Choice (Kirill all the way) but still a very worthy winner - well done Nikos

posted by radar69 on 9-Jan-2014 8:11

Wow, I am shocked. I agree with radar69, Kirill all the way! Having read most of the posts, I didn't see a lot of mentions for Nikos, most of them seemed to be for the three
Russians: Kirill, Roman and Serge and several for Steve. Can I suggest a recount?
Just kidding, congratulations Nikos!

posted by outback on 9-Jan-2014 11:50

Love his look... especially in the black short-shorts (last shot)!

posted by alaimo on 9-Jan-2014 15:35


posted by Prodorov on 9-Jan-2014 16:41

Wow what a boring Mate of the Year; Nikos looks are average at best, especially compared to guys like Serge (my choice) and Kirill. Guess 32% of the people on here have no taste or are blind as a bat.

posted by romanXIII on 9-Jan-2014 18:04


Perhaps the new signups for the website should be looked at during the voting period. He's cute, but no contest against several of the other contenders.

posted by joecdn on 9-Jan-2014 18:42


Boo! No competition for others. WTF happened?

posted on 9-Jan-2014 18:50

WTF?? What button were voters pushing??

posted by mygumtree on 9-Jan-2014 20:24

He is fine by me.

posted by Bobottawa on 9-Jan-2014 21:42

Hmm I think the results need to be audited.

He is cute but cmon he is not mate of the year material. sigh

posted by AddictedtoDNA on 9-Jan-2014 22:26

He must have "done" the editor. This guy is ordinary, compared to some of the spectacular other contestants. And like the other comments here, this victory looks suspect at best.

posted by jimmytman on 10-Jan-2014 1:08

The sept 2013 contest shows Nikos took 58% of the vote for man of the month but he did not receive any comments compared with all the other contestants? It was also a remarkable month with really great guys?

posted by Leanjock on 10-Jan-2014 2:28

I am surprised but having said that he is gorgeous so well done to him!!!

posted by marc80 on 10-Jan-2014 3:28

I'd like to hear from anyone that voted for him. He is fine but mate of the year? c'mon. He must have had all his friends on facebook and social media mount a campagin....i seriously doubt he truly won....DNA you owe it to your readers to examine this as we are all asking how this happened? Do you truly want your fans to be leary of other contests? Do you want your fans not to trust you? This was fixed...obviously. But as I said he is fine, but compared to some other contestants this is surprised and most assuredly fixed.
Just look at the comments DNA and do something.

posted by OhioRob on 10-Jan-2014 3:59

Congrats Nikos. But in actuality, all I have to say is ditto to what OhioRob said. He is good looking, especially face wise, but Mate of the Year? Com'on, compared to others such as Kirill (my choice), Roman or Sergei, there is certainly something amiss.

posted by gpgraph1 on 10-Jan-2014 7:01

Agree with the sentiment - something's gone wrong with the voting system. No way he's mate of the year.

posted by munich on 10-Jan-2014 8:45

He was not my choice, so don't know how he got so many votes.

posted by ozeeguy on 10-Jan-2014 10:37

Greeks bearing Gifts, WOW! That Nikos is fine...

posted by lickerish on 15-Jan-2014 2:34

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