Travis H. Lane presents Clayton Bailey

Date: 10-Jan-2014

Los Angeles based photographer Travis H. Lane returns to the DNA blog with some sizzling snaps.

What do you guys think of Clayton Bailey?

Clayton is an up and coming model and actor.

Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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Photos: Supplied to DNA by Travis H. Lane.

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Very nice, but nothing much different to plenty of others...

posted by radar69 on 9-Jan-2014 19:27

The shot of Clayton's body in the blue trunks is superb, but radar69 brings up a point I've wondered about for awhile. How do all these super-looking models get work and differentiate themselves from the masses of other models out there? Do sites like modelmayhem and DNA play a role, or does it depend on the photographer, or?

posted by joecdn on 10-Jan-2014 4:31


Clayton is nice body and face, and Travis is a very talented photographer, but what is the lower right pic about?

posted by gpgraph1 on 10-Jan-2014 7:22

I usually love dark guys: but Clayton is very sexy!

posted by MarioGomez on 10-Jan-2014 10:11

Clayton has a nice tight Body a Hollywood Star face, and a combo meal size in those blue shorts:)~

posted by lickerish on 15-Jan-2014 2:40

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