Smile of the Day: Bernardo Velasco

We're pleased to welcome Bernardo Velasco back to the DNA blog.

The beautiful model shows off his sexy smile and hot bod for Fabio Pamplona.

We wouldn't mind chilling by the ocean with someone as sexy as this!

If you're a fan, check out more snaps of Bernardo here.

Photos via: Oh Yeah Demigods

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Very nice! Not too muscular. Looks like he has a great personality. He can smile for me anytime.

posted by ozeeguy on 15-Oct-2013 18:02

Absolutely gorgeous! Not that I have one particular type that I prefer, but Bernardo would be most my type. This Brazilian seems to have it all. I'm surprised we don't see
more of him. Keep smiling Bernardo, you have a beautiful one, I would imagine it
to be quite infectious.

posted by outback on 16-Oct-2013 2:51

Bernardo Velasco is one of the hottest models alive! Then again, he's Brazilian, and I don't believe it's in their DNA to produce unattractive people.

posted by jjones71 on 16-Oct-2013 5:04


Keep up the Smile of the Day DNA. Your models look so much more attractive and sexy when they have a cute smile on his face. Bernardo is a perfect example. He is very handsome with a great physique but he just lights up in the pics where he is smiling.

posted by rotley on 16-Oct-2013 6:02


Agree with all that Rotley (and the others) said about Bernardo -

posted by radar69 on 16-Oct-2013 6:59

I also agree with all, what a gorgeous guy==with a beautiful, friendly, sexy smile on a nicely proportioned bod===hard just looking ah.

posted by perthbouy on 16-Oct-2013 9:35

In one word WOW. I agree with all the above and more. Pitt its not a
centre fold..That would have the pages burning.

posted by hotwheels on 16-Oct-2013 10:58

Bernardo certainly has a great body and a very handsome face love the smile, and why cover up those beautiful eyes with those ugly sunglasses? His eyes are amazing.

posted by gpgraph1 on 16-Oct-2013 12:42

What a beautiful looking man , love his incredible smile and his red hot muscly body, his sexy eyes and that wonderful smile would light up the bleakest of days . Great set of pics but my favourite is the top left . Would like to spend time with Bernardo by the ocean or anywhere he wanted.

posted by gardenguy on 16-Oct-2013 22:12


gorgeous!! i'm in love!! or lust!!

posted by claremont on 17-Oct-2013 5:13

What Beautiful photography...

posted by lickerish on 18-Oct-2013 8:10

very very hot! very nice body, but it's his eyes and smile that frame his face so beautifully.

posted by leepers on 31-Oct-2013 14:13


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