Nick DiCristina by Dave Ouano

What do you guys think of Nick DiCristina?

Photographer Dave Ouano recently shot the model and we think he's totally hunky!

Nick is 28-years-old and lives in Chicago, IL.

He's a fitness freak who enjoys looking good and feeling good about himself. He wants to share these feelings with others!

He's the second oldest of four brothers and takes tremendous pride in his Italian heritage.

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Photos: Supplied to DNA by Dave Ouano

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AAAAh one of the hottest men I've ever seen. This guy needs to be on the cover of DNA for sure! Keep more coming from Nick, please!

posted on 2-Oct-2013 0:43

does this guy have a very high belly button?
makes me think hes had wk done to get that 6pack.
good body, but no facial expressions. very stern looking.

posted by jairator on 2-Oct-2013 18:49

Wowcha-ma-gowcha! He's filthy sexy! Nothing beats a good ginger nut! My Birthday is on Tuesday and if DNA magazine could ship him to me I would be very grateful and I wouldn't need to blow out my candles to make a wish this year!

posted by dnalover26 on 2-Oct-2013 20:42

Nick certainly has an incredibly ripped muscular body chest, arms, abs, and softballs for shoulders. He has that guy next door type of look about him. Like the two pics with the black & white walls the best you can really see the definition of his body the best.

posted by gpgraph1 on 3-Oct-2013 15:24

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Nick is certainly fuck me sexy HOT! ...I agree with dnalover26. He is filthy sexy! I love a good red head ginger looking guy. I have never had one before, but you guys might be able to answer this for me....Is it true that if they are a red head or ginger that they are the same below??? If they do, then that is fuck me hot sexy! I would love a good red head any day. Please put him on your front cover.xx

posted by aussielad on 3-Oct-2013 21:44

Mmmmm!!!! *drool* *slobber*

posted by triggerakl on 4-Oct-2013 7:47

@jairator that's a really absurd comment. The only work done is hard work.

posted on 10-Oct-2013 15:01

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