Darren Birks by Rick Day

Date: 25-Sep-2013

*If you're not a fan of tattoos, you're probably not going to be a fan of this guy.*

Enter with caution.

Right, now we can focus on how hot this fella is.

His name is Darren Birks and we are crushing on this hottie today.

He takes off his shirt and shows off his fit bod for photographer Rick Day.

Those abs are incredible and from what we can see, he's got quite the package.

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Photos via: Burbujas Deseo.

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Huge fan of tats and this guy wears em well. TO those that don't like ink, your loss. :)

posted by romanXIII on 25-Sep-2013 2:31


Although I think Darren has a bit too many tattoos, I've seen a lot more guys on this site that make this guy look as though he has none. Don't get me wrong, as I've stated before, I have a couple of tats myself, but one can get a little carried away with them. This guy's body and gorgeous face more than makes up for a bit too many tats. And having Rick Day as your photographer doesn't hurt either.

posted by gpgraph1 on 25-Sep-2013 3:55


posted by Tstanyaireland on 25-Sep-2013 8:56


While I am not a big fan of tats, his are not that bad. Plus Rick Day makes everyone look hot.

posted by tbsjr64 on 25-Sep-2013 10:29

What a hottie!!!

posted by sonnyS on 25-Sep-2013 18:12

MAN! he has a nice big Crouch..

posted by lickerish on 28-Sep-2013 5:13

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