Encore: Daniel Rumfelt in N2N

Late last month we posted some sexy shots of Daniel Rumfelt in N2N gear.

We haven't been able to stop thinking about those abs, so we've brought him back to the DNA blog so we can see them again.

Can we also mention that he has a pretty impressive looking package?

If you missed the previous set of photos, check them out here.

Photos via: Dreaming of Adonis

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Great body and handsome face. Pity the photos are a bit over-exposed and bright.

posted by ozeeguy on 3-Sep-2013 15:59

The N2N briefs look extreamly sexy on Daniel, plus a very nice looking young guy==good work mate.

posted by perthbouy on 3-Sep-2013 17:04

Hate the pink undies, and the harsh lighting is what I might expect for a cadaver in a morgue examination.

posted by alaimo on 3-Sep-2013 22:33

These photos totally fail to do justice to this gorgeous guy. As so many other guys have pointed out, the hair-style does him no favours at all. There are loads of really hot pics available - do a web-search; you owe it to yourself - and to Daniel!

posted by Jamesieboy on 4-Sep-2013 0:49

I really agree with a lot of what these other guys said, specifically the brightness and the hair style. Daniel does have a nice muscular in any rate.

posted by gpgraph1 on 4-Sep-2013 8:18

Still has that bad hair.

posted by andy0529 on 4-Sep-2013 8:30

The hair style may be a but out of date for such a handsome young guy but his still is a very handsome guy with a beautiful muscular physique and he fills those underwear very well . Shame the top right small pic is so bright it is a good body shot , I like the main pic and bottom left.

posted by gardenguy on 4-Sep-2013 22:00


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