I've Got The Balls To Treat You As Humans

Date: 14-Aug-2013

With the Aussie election looming, Buddy Rojek for the seat of Corangamite in Victoria spoke to DNA about his views on the LGBT community.

He's a blokey bloke but his opinions may surprise you.

DNA: You're representing Clive Palmer's United party in the seat of Corangamite in the up-coming federal election. What's your position on marriage equality for gays and lesbians?
Buddy Rojek:
None of my business who they get off with as long as it's not children. When they are married they will have a sex life like all married people.

You mean, none at all?
It's a cheeky joke. All married blokes say that their belly is empty and their sack is full!  

Do you have gay mates?
I have a very close female friend whose brother is gay. I try to converse with him but he's shy and I guess he feels we have nothing in common. I wear cheap clothes and use Brut. He uses stuff I've never heard of. LOL! I had a lesbian friend. She was a wild clubber and dragged me out to gay clubs. We had a good time – no idiots fighting in the bar. You gays party hard. RESPECT!  

Do you have religious beliefs?
Yes, I am a Deist.

How does the Deist god feel about gay people?
He is ambivalent. Nature is nature and part of his plan. Gays should study Deism. It is humanity's future religion.

Do you think the Catholics and other religions are treating gay people unfairly?
Yes, and the new pope is realising it. God chose the new pope. Times are changing rapidly. God heard a gay prayer cry out to him.  

You seem like a down-to-earth bloke but also larger than life. Is that how you'd describe yourself?
 I am the bloke you never lose mates with, and have laughs so hard you get a hernia.  Q: Should the gays be voting for you? A: Bloody oath. No one else has the balls to treat you as humans.

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