Dave Ouano presents Brian Bradley

We always get excited when we see an email from Dave Ouano in our inbox - it means he's photographed another sexy guy.

This hunk o' spunk is Brian Bradley. He was born and raised in Tennessee and enjoys travel, fitness and outdoor sports.

He recently posed for Dave in Chicago and we think he's got a great bod.

We're just going to sit here and appreciate that bod for a while longer.

Also check out Joe Trainor Jr by Dave Ouano.

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Dave Ouano.

Makeup: Anita Arsova

Photographer Assistant: Bill Healy

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a nice hunk of meat

posted by ked999 on 13-Aug-2013 21:35

I agree ked999...

posted by radar69 on 14-Aug-2013 9:41

Brian definitely has an incredibly lean, but very muscular upper body chest, shoulders, arms, traps, abs. He also has a killer face very masculine. Like the lower right pic the best.

posted by gpgraph1 on 15-Aug-2013 4:24

Brian is one Very HOT looking stud.....great bod, handsome face, and nice bulge!!!! Give us more of his sexy pics!!!!

posted by 4speedos on 15-Aug-2013 6:05

What a perfect body to me, makes me look like crap. On HOT stud, keep those pictures coming!!!!

posted by MKN on 15-Aug-2013 14:23


OOH build like a fucking brick House....

posted by lickerish on 20-Aug-2013 10:53

waouh! put him in my bed please!!

posted by CHARLIE67 on 23-Oct-2013 1:39

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