George Burgess Nude Selfies

Date: 11-Jul-2013

When will celebrities learn that you can't take nude photos without expecting to see them posted all over the internet?

Nude selfies of Sydney Rabbitohs star George Burgess have been circulating online, eventually ending up social media sites and gay porn sites.

The footy star has been in the media a lot recently, but for all the wrong reasons.

Premium members can view the full frontal shots on the DNA Premium Blog here.

Non-Members can find out more about the Premium site here.

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posted by tasty on 11-Jul-2013 10:28


The shots in the premium section are pretty impressive. If I was hung like him I'd be posting selfies everyday!!!

posted by smooch on 11-Jul-2013 10:30


he certainly is a hot looking & well endowed young man. full pic appears on

posted on 11-Jul-2013 10:52

I dont get the shame of nudity. Its natural - were all born that way. He has a great body - he should celebrate it

posted by AddictedtoDNA on 11-Jul-2013 15:23

very hot! not a premium member. but I got to see the whole piece on big shoe diaries (no charge). Burgess looks good. He's meaty all over.....

posted by Miguel76 on 17-Jul-2013 13:35

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