Steve Grand Was Our #127 Cover Model

Steve wears Timoteo super-low Quake briefs.

Steve wears Timoteo super-low Quake briefs.

Date: 5-Jul-2013

In follow up to our news article about Steve Grand's new song All American Boy, you might be interested to know that he was also a DNA cover boy.

Shot by Tom Cullis back in DNA #127, Steve went under the name of Steve Diesel.

Check out some of the shots and let us know what you think.

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Yeah, I still have that copy, as I do all of them. DNA is a great magazine. Steve does have a great body nice chest and abs, and a handsome face, and Tom Cullis did a great job with the photography.

posted by gpgraph1 on 5-Jul-2013 13:02

Wow , Steve is a very handsome man , magnificent body he has a great chest and fantastic abs , love the look of his package in the shower, the 2 bottom and main are my favourite pics but as always Tom Cullis has done a great job with the photography , Steve is sizzling HOT , he could share my shower anytime .

posted by gardenguy on 5-Jul-2013 14:49


So envious gpgraph1 - I had all the issues of DNA till most of my copies got destroyed in a house move - damaged by water!

What I wouldn't do to get an entire collection!

posted by seanc1971 on 5-Jul-2013 21:32

Sean I have the entire collection I think. Message me if you need to replace any.

posted by bascia2 on 6-Jul-2013 8:40

Great voice, great song, and Steve is, of course, hot as hell.

posted by shanedca on 7-Jul-2013 0:26

He definitely deserved that cover. A real dream guy!

posted by ozeeguy on 12-Jul-2013 15:21

I thought his name was Steve Chatham. Regardless of the name, he is a beautiful man.

posted by DavidAlan on 15-Jul-2013 16:19

OMG, Steve is fine as Hell..

posted by lickerish on 16-Jul-2013 16:23

What a great singer and fine look man. I hope he makes it big as there is a great gay following.

posted by MKN on 26-Jul-2013 3:46


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Steve wears Timoteo classic super-low briefs. Steve. Steve wears Timoteo classic jockstrap. DNA #127 Cover

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