The Pletts Twins in Marcuse

Date: 9-Jul-2013

Marcuse Australia have shot the gorgeous Pletts Twins for one of their campaigns.

The sexy brothers wear the Summer 2013 collection and show off their beautiful bods.

The guys are really easy on the eye and the collection they are wearing looks great.

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Photos via: Homotrophy

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Both are cute....why does the photographers feel that twins need to get in "romantic/sexual poses" to sell the underwear to the gay men...after all we buy the stuff ...that one pic of the half assed embrace is sad...its not at all sexual...more like "hold him close...that's it...make it look hot"...shitty pic...

posted by domtoppapi on 9-Jul-2013 0:49


Not a fan of twins being sexualised. Also, their asses are non-existent...

posted by munich on 9-Jul-2013 5:56

Bravo to both comments, it's a little tired and creepy.

posted by andy0529 on 9-Jul-2013 7:11

Beautiful, especially side-on

posted by Supey on 9-Jul-2013 20:20

As an after though...both are cute fellows...would not hesitate to sleep with either one...but separately...alternate days of the

posted by domtoppapi on 24-Jul-2013 1:27


If they have that kind of relationship, then so be it. If y'all don't like it, y'all don't have to look at it. I think it's hot and I don't see anything wrong with it - sad about the flat butts though...

posted by Rovanus on 9-Sep-2014 17:03

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