Butt of the Day: Maxi Duran

Date: 2-Jul-2013

Hands up if you love a guy with a sexy arse? We do, which is why we're dedicating this post to Maxi Duran.

The sexy guy takes off his pants and shows some skin for photographer Scott Clare.

We wouldn't mind waking up next to that every morning.

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Photos via: Fashionably Male.

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Maxi sure does have a magnificent arse. i'd love to wake up to that every day.

posted on 2-Jul-2013 9:40

Maxi has a great body and face. I'm not usually into butts, but he does have a very nice one with all objectivity. The two lower pics are great.

posted by gpgraph1 on 2-Jul-2013 13:24

My hands are up! (as are other parts at the thought of waking up to Maxi every day)

posted by radar69 on 2-Jul-2013 15:34

Love his bum. Wowee!

posted by Herring on 2-Jul-2013 19:01


Maxi is a hot guy , Great muscular body , good face and a fantastic arse . Love the chest hair in the main pic. My pick of the top pics are the 2 bottom small pics.

posted by gardenguy on 3-Jul-2013 21:26


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