Carl Proctor presents Stephen Michaels

Date: 1-Jul-2013

*Butt shots included in this post*

What a way to start the new working week!

Carl Proctor shoots the seriously sexy Stephen Michaels.

Stephen has an incredible body and we're so glad Carl shared these snaps with us. We're also loving that smile!

What do you guys think of Stephen?

Photos: Supplied to DNA by Carl Proctor.

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Good looking guy but a bit too built for my taste

posted by munich on 1-Jul-2013 6:54

great pics indeed. magnificent body, smile, looks & what another hot arse.

posted on 1-Jul-2013 9:21

DAMN HE'S HOT!!! LOVE THAT ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by claremont on 1-Jul-2013 10:05

Very hot!!! Love his body!!

posted by shanedca on 1-Jul-2013 13:41

Stephen has an incredibly ripped, chiseled body chest, shoulders, arms, traps, abs are killer. Like the main, middle left, and upper left pics. The upper left is a great shot because of his fantastic smile.

posted by gpgraph1 on 1-Jul-2013 14:51

Just my kind of man!

posted by musclelvr on 1-Jul-2013 15:19

I agree with munich, Carl is a good looking guy but too much muscle for my tastes, there is one muscle that I like the look of however...

posted by radar69 on 1-Jul-2013 15:31

...oops that should've been Stephen not Carl

posted by radar69 on 1-Jul-2013 15:32

AWESOME ARSE shots, perfect pecs, awesome abs, and did I mention awesome arse?

posted by moose1014 on 1-Jul-2013 16:49

Great smile , Stephen is a good looking guy and has a magnificent muscular body , love his great chest and fantastic abs , very nice arse , a very sexy man.

posted by gardenguy on 1-Jul-2013 17:19


Stephen has a beautiful and sexy smile (his arse looks very hot too) :)

Would love to explore him from head to toe (and everywhere in between)

posted by rotley on 1-Jul-2013 18:46


i agree with munich that his is abit to built for my taste, also needs a rounder ass. but got a good sexy face though.

posted by buddhababy1026 on 2-Jul-2013 0:21


This guy has everything that is beautiful, including the muscles! Cover material!

posted by ozeeguy on 8-Jul-2013 16:01

I like the photo of him with the black cap & yellow shirt.

posted by lickerish on 8-Jul-2013 23:13

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