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Hairy Hunk: Nikola Masonicic

Date: 13-Jun-2013

We're loving these digitals of European hottie Nikola Masonicic.

Nikola is represented by AK Model Management and with a sexy bod like that, we think he'd be quite a busy lad.

Are you a fan of Nikola?

Photos via: Fashionably Male

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Nikola has a stunning body with a classically handsome face. His body is a nice beefy (mesomorphic) syle type, and he looks great with facial hair, which a lot of guys do not. All the pics are great.

posted by gpgraph1 on 13-Jun-2013 4:10

This guy is amazingly good looking!

posted by joecdn on 13-Jun-2013 10:04


You said it all joecdn in those 6 words...

posted by radar69 on 13-Jun-2013 18:33

Nikola is very easy on the eyes , he is very handsome and has a beautiful body and wonderful chest and abs hair , he is extremely sexy a real Hunk would love to see more of Nikola .

posted by gardenguy on 13-Jun-2013 21:40


I agree with you all...he's stunning! Would love to see him with a buzz cut...

posted by mrandmr on 14-Jun-2013 17:11

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