And The Winner Is Adam Ayash

Congratulations to Adam Ayash who is the winner of the second round of May Mate Of The Month.

Adam scored 29% of the total vote, easily progressing to the next round.

To celebrate, we're taking a look at Adam's Pump shoot with Rick Day.

Look out for Adam when he competes in the finals for May Mate of The Month in a few weeks.

Also check out more Adam shots here.

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Boom, boom... he's lethal!

posted by alaimo on 24-May-2013 12:43

PUMP IT up Adam - deserved winner

posted by radar69 on 24-May-2013 20:25

yeah! oozes sex

posted by ked999 on 24-May-2013 21:30

Hot the shots in the white & silver bikini

posted by 4speedos on 24-May-2013 23:49

Es el hombre con el que yo he soñado toda la vida. Es atlético, musculoso y realmente fabuloso. ¡Qué hombre tan bello...! Gracias por reglarnos esta delicia visual, al admirar su fotografía....

posted by caleidoscopio on 25-May-2013 8:05

Congratulations Adam good win , what a magnificent body , beautiful muscular developed chest , arms , shoulders and fantastic abs a real hunk of a man , nice arse also.

posted by gardenguy on 25-May-2013 17:54


You know, I didn't vote for him, but Adam does have a great body and face. He has a fantastic chest, arms, shoulders, abs, and even legs. He also looks great in the Pump undies.

posted by gpgraph1 on 26-May-2013 3:56

Hot Damn look at that rocking body!!
Cut me a piece of that fine looking man hes totally a winner :)

posted by Incarnate on 26-May-2013 10:18


Boom Boom into the bedroom.Kissin that Bubble Butt..and licking those big Legs.

posted by lickerish on 27-May-2013 15:42

Adam is clearly 1 of the best men around. A man among boys. DNA could never go wrong having him in any blog. Gets my motor revved up this morning!

posted by stlbigguy on 28-May-2013 0:09

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