Adam Ayash in Undergear

Date: 15-May-2013

Adam Ayash is a total hottie and we've been of him on the DNA blog for a while now.

He returns in some skimpy underwear by Undergear.

His body is to die for and could keep us entertained for hours.

Are you an Adam fan? Check out more shots here.

Photos via: Homotrophy

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I wouldn't mind being on the beach when Adam emerges from the

posted by radar69 on 15-May-2013 3:14

adam looks very hot indeed to me too. i wish he was at the beach up here in cairns.

posted on 15-May-2013 11:32

lamest shots of a great model I ever saw. just stupid snapshots on a beach in a bad swimsuit that's super ugly...what a waste.

posted by jrwhawaii on 15-May-2013 15:51

Adam never smiles, but despite this, he is one of my all time faves. There are some hotter photos of him out there on the Internet. He has a killer ass, and he normally shows much better body definition than in these shots.

posted by joecdn on 15-May-2013 15:58


Adam is a handsome sexy hunk , beautiful muscular body wish he could smile. The underwear or swimmers are unusual with that silver band on the front of the waist and down the centre . He is hot.

posted by gardenguy on 15-May-2013 21:06


Adam certainly does have a great upper body--very nice smooth and muscular. Has a classic face, too. Like the stubble, but a smile would be nice--agreed guys.

posted by gpgraph1 on 16-May-2013 1:25

this man is very beutiful, so hot, ademas de tener una cara preciosa

posted by tony13 on 17-May-2013 6:36


DNA when are you going to put him in the cover page??? I m sick of buying your issues with ugly models. I want to see him soon on my next few issues.

posted by captain_hero on 21-May-2013 2:02

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