Derrick Vargo Returns

Date: 10-May-2013

The last time Derrick Vargo appeared on the DNA blog, he had quite a few people crushing on him. And for good reason - Derrick is a total hottie.

He shows off his beautiful bod in a shoot by photographer Osvaldo Rivera.

Excuse us while we swoon over Derrick for a while longer.

Check out his previous DNA appearance here and let us know what you think.

Photos via: Fashionably Male

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Derrick has a nice ripped lean muscular body, and that guy-next-door type of face which makes him appealing.

posted by gpgraph1 on 10-May-2013 4:44

I'm on standby with a towel to warm him up when he gets out of the apparently cold water and help get him out of those wet clothes..

posted by radar69 on 10-May-2013 6:28

Derrick is still a very hot guy , handsome face and nice lean body though he looks a little leaner then the previous shots I much prefer the little more muscle look , love his chest hair , he is a very sexy guy. My favourite pic is the main pic.

posted by gardenguy on 10-May-2013 21:27


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