Christopher Forte by Calvin Brockington

Date: 24-Apr-2013

Calvin Brockington has treated the DNA blog to another sexy model.

Christopher Forte is from Dallas and is more than just a pretty face. He's a massage therapist, a gymnast, a hair stylist and is in clown school.

This guy sounds like a hoot!

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Photos: Supplied to DNA by Calvin Brockington

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Love the body, the poses and hair - but why so sad? Maybe he failed clown school exams...

posted by radar69 on 24-Apr-2013 6:24

I agree with radar , I love Christopher's body , the beautiful body hair , good looking face and the poses are hot , he does look sad maybe I could cheer him up , he is very sexy .

posted by gardenguy on 24-Apr-2013 7:09


Yeah guys, why be so glum Christopher? He does have a great body and face--like the beard.

posted by gpgraph1 on 25-Apr-2013 3:54

I'd love to give him a hot massage or receive one from him & I'd be happy for him to style my hair.....does he style hair in the nude????

posted by 4speedos on 25-Apr-2013 5:25

Nice poses,but he should of took photo's of chris in a tubb..It would of set the scene more sensual and i thank that no one,would of notist his pout:(

posted by lickerish on 29-Apr-2013 23:08

Having posed for Calvin I captures the essence of a man's sexuality. I find these pics understated and beautiful.

posted by MFM1963 on 2-May-2013 15:09

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